So many times we worry that our problems are so big that God cannot solve them. Wednesday night, Pat, Katie, and I made our way to Moreno Centro Church. Pat was asked to deliver the message. Once we arrived, Katie and I were asked to lead worship – by ourselves. My immediate reaction was “no.” My feelings jumped from confused to guilty. “Do they really expect Katie and I to know a couple Spanish songs?” “Plus, we have not music!” “Are they insane?” My mind was boggled.

However, I approached a decision of obedience. Katie and I are blessed with musical abilities, and it would be selfish to not share those. My job is to follow God’s command, He will handle the rest. So, what happened? By the power of God, Katie and I were able to lead the congregation in two Spanish songs without lyrics or music.

When reflecting, I realize how silly I was to think that God couldn’t make a way. On several occasions during our daily devotions, my team and I express our feelings of inadequacy. We feel as though we have nothing to offer. But after that night, I continually think back to how Jesus blessed the bread and the fish. Those people did not have much, but when they surrendered what they did have to Christ, He did amazing things. God wants to do the same in our lives. I may not have a lot to offer the world, but if I give my life, talents, and time to God, He can do amazing things.