Spanish, Spanish, Spanish, all the time!!!!! When will it end? I guess when I arrive back in the U.S. But until then, my mind is in a continuous state of exhaustion. By the time I translate a sentence, the conversation has already moved to another topic. This barrier is most present within the church setting. Praise, Worship, Sermons, Prayer, Discipleship, on and on – it is all in Spanish! Many times I feel as though I have wasted my time. I sit through hours of church not knowing even one complete thought. My favorite portion of church services has always been praise & worship. But, it is hard to focus when you don’t know the language.

This post probably sounds like a long babble of frustration, but there is a point – I promise. Even in my times of frustration and anguish, God is only one prayer away. I may not be able to communicate with those at church, but I can communicate with God at any time.

No matter what language we speak, God hears us. And better yet, He understands.