My Encounter with Missions

After completing a bible study based off of Max Lucado’s book, Come Thirsty, I began analyzing and evaluating my own life. In his book, Max Lucado gives many thought provoking metaphors. Such as, “You can stand waste deep in the Colorado River and still die of thirst.”

You see, he is saying that you can be completely submerged in water and still die of thirst. It’s only when you take a drink can you survive. Now, literally, that may be true. But, he was referring to something deeper; our relationship with God. He’s telling us that we can be completely surrounded by God, we can have the best church attendance record, we can have Christian friends, and we can do all the “Christian” things; but until we truly allow God to come into our lives, and only then, can He work through us.

I think so many times we lose focus. It is like we forget that we are spiritually thirsty. Have you ever been so busy that you forget to eat lunch? I am sure you have. I do quite frequently. Spiritual growth is the same concept. We become so busy within our own lives that we forget that we are craving some spiritual food.

Recently, I have gone through this point in my life of searching. Although everything was going great around me, I was missing something. I mean I was on top of my game. I made Dean’s list at the University of Charleston, I had an amazing job, a beautiful car, I had a great group of friends, but I was yearning for something more. Something was missing. You see, I was trying to control my life. I was so wrapped up in what I thought was best for me. I was worried about being the best student, about having the best job, about being a part of the “cool” crowd. I was worried about how others were judging my life. Finally, I realized that this life that I wanted wasn’t the life that God has planned for me.

So, I decided to make a change; well, a lot of changes, actually. First, I resigned from my job that consumed so much of my time. I lost focus of what was important. Second, I sold my car. I only worked so that I could pay for my car, but I only paid for my car so that I could work. It was pointless.
Now, at this point, I know you are thinking that I am crazy. But, I have never been so free and happy in my life. During the past semester when this transformation started, the pastor of the University of Charleston’s Because Christ Matters (B.C.M.) organization said this, “People that see me dancing, think that I am crazy, but they can’t hear the music.” Think about it. From the outside I am sure I look kind of crazy. But people don’t hear the music that I hear.

So, where am I going with this? People that see us, Christians, think that we are crazy. They see us congregate, they see us lifting our hands in worship, and they see us crying. They think that we are nuts! But do they hear the music? No, they don’t.

All of my life a couple things have really stirred up my emotions. First is the love of God. You and I cannot measure the love of God. It is incalculable and indefinable. I am overwhelmed trying to comprehend it. The second thing that tears me up is thinking about those who don’t know the love of God.

I consider myself a very happy person. Sure, I have my bad-days, but I never dwell on them. Why? Because I have a joy within my soul, a joy that God has given to me. That God freely gives to each of His believers. In times of turmoil and trouble I can rejoice, because I know that God concurs all. Now, think about those that have never heard of Jesus, those who have never experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit. No wonder there is crime. No wonder there is violence. No wonder there is depression. When I reflect on all the hardships in my life and then hypothetically remove God’s support, the result is frightening.

Throughout my preparation, I have learned that I cannot do this alone. For this reason, I ask for your help. Above all, I ask for prayer. Please pray that God would prepare my heart and that He would bless my efforts. I need strength, encouragement, and boldness.

I ask that you consider supporting me through prayer and finances. Not only will you be supporting God’s plan in my life, but you will impact the lives of those in Argentina. If you feel led to do so, you may make a contribution, of any amount, online at: Your help is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I am always eager to talk! Thank you again for your help! Have a great day.