Hi everyone! This is my first blog post, so I am extremely excited. My anticipation is growing greater each day. My biggest challenge now is packing! Two months worth of supplies, clothes, materials, etc. in one 50 lb. pound!

Just a couple days ago, I received a recommended packing list. Among other items, the list suggested that I bring a two month supply of everything. Depending on my location, access to the necessities may not be readily available. It also gave helpful tips for packing. Example: Remove the cardboard cylinder from the rolls of toilet paper to save space! Yes, you read that correctly. I assume the were not kidding when they said two month’s worth of everything! Another item of amusement included the recommendation to bring a hot water balloon/bag to warm my bed. Because of the winter season and the lack of electricity, the temperatures drop immensely during night times! This is sure to be an adventure.