The first half of today was devoted to a scavenger hunt challenge between the teams. We were dropped off at a random location in El Paso, TX. At our drop-off point, we were given a clue. This clue led us to the next point where we found another clue. Clue one was to find the Fountain of Reptiles. Once there, we found our second clue which instructed us to find the gathering place of the first church. One of the most interesting tasks was to venture to the open-air market. In total, there were about ten clues. The final destination was our pick-up point.

With the left over Pesos given to us to complete our tasks, we were allowed to grab lunch. Team Argentina, my team, decided it would be appropriate to eat Mexican. The waitress only spoke Spanish, thus, I relied a lot on my teammates.

It was a blast experiencing a completely different culture while still in the United States. This small glimpse of my next two months ignites an excitement within me.